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Rome sets up patrols around tourist attractions Today's News

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Retired police and traffic officers have started patrolling tourist attractions in Rome.

Last month, Rome’s mayor Virginia Raggi, signed an order to protect the Trevi Fountain and nearly 40 other historic fountains. It proposes stiff fines for climbing, sitting or eating on the monuments.

The officers reminded tourists not to eat near the Trevi Fountain and moved them from the stone rim on Tuesday, July 25. The officers are volunteers and will be on duty from 9am-12pm until mid-October. A decision on whether or not the patrols will be permanent will be made towards the end of the peak tourist season. 

The move comes after a man swam naked in the Trevi Fountain earlier this year, and soccer hooligans damaged a Baroque fountain near the Spanish Steps. 

Today's News

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