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Travelstart announces new online service Today's News

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Travelstart announced on Monday (March 12) the relaunch of its internal travel consultancy as Travelstart Live, where the company will focus on improving its expert ‘human’ service, and be better equipped to assist customers who book complex routing, multi-city and multi-pax trips. 

Head of sales at Travelstart, Linda Balme, says the rebrand from Travelbar to Travelstart Live is much more than a name change: “It’s a significant shift internally and in how we want to communicate with our customers. Travelstart Live and its expert agents are now integrated with the website and apps rather than competing with digital channels as a standalone service.”

The rebranded service will cater for bookings that are more complex than those with fewer segments, including group bookings, multiple stops, cruises and unique holiday packages. 

Travelstart will use analytics to automatically prompt customers to Travelstart Live, where they will be offered expert support. In addition, Travelstart will work closely with, in which the company bought a majority stake on December 6, 2017, to optimise its accommodation offering. 

“Travelstart Live is a new channel to engage customers where our digital platforms do not fit their shopping behaviour,” says Linda.

“We recognise the importance of omnichannel in offering our customers the right platform, depending on their comfort with technology and the type of trip they wish to book. In doing this, we are closing the gap that exists between human support and ecommerce and giving customers the freedom to interact with us on their terms.” 

Customers can view a product online, where they can either complete their online booking or interact with experienced travel consultants via Travelstart Live to get additional information, expert and advice and book.

Travelstart Live comprises 26 travel agents, with an average of nine years’ experience per consultant. The team is currently being expanded and will include a dedicated group bookings team.

Between March 12 and 16, Travelstart will promote domestic and international package deals to market the launch of Travelstart Live. Furthermore, there will be an awareness campaign to highlight that flight deals are, in addition to being available through the website, bookable through Travelstart Live agents.

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