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Three airlines suspend flights to Doha indefinitely Today's News

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Emirates, Etihad and Saudia have suspended flights to Doha, Qatar following the decision by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

All airlines said they were unsure whether flights to Qatar would be reintroduced at a later stage.

“As instructed by the UAE government, Emirates will suspend its flights to and from Doha, starting from the morning of June 6 until further notice,” an Emirates spokesperson told eTNW. “The last flight EK847 will depart Dubai for Doha at 02h30 on Tuesday and the final return flight ER848 will depart Doha for Dubai at 03h05 on the same day.” 

Etihad Airways suspended flights to Doha on Monday evening. The last flight, EY391, departed Abu Dhabi at 21h35 on Monday evening, while the final return flight EY398 departed Doha for Abu Dhabi at 22h50. 

Travellers booked on Emirates and Etihad flights to and from Doha will be provided with alternative options, including full refunds on unused tickets and free rebooking to the nearest alternate Emirates and Etihad destinations. 

Qatar Airways has also announced the suspension of all flights to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bharain, and Egypt. 

In a statement, the airline said: "All customers booked on affected flights will be provided with alternative options, including the option of a full refund on any unused tickets and free rebooking to the nearest alternative Qatar Airways network destination." 

Rebooking and refund options are available on the Qatar Airways website. 

Meanwhile, the Saudi Press Agency reported: “The Saudi government has severed all diplomatic and consular relations with the State of Qatar and has closed all land, sea and air ports to prevent crossing between the two countries.” The Saudi Arabian government cited the closing of all ports to the dangers of terrorism and extremism. 

Saudi Arabia’s national carrier, Saudia confirmed via the airline’s twitter account that all flights to and from Qatar have been suspended as of Monday morning.

Egyptair was unable to respond to requests for comment by the time of publishing. 

This story has been updated since it was published. 

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