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Festive Smile: ‘Kids say the darndest things’ Today's News

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We all know that kids say the darndest things, regardless of the time of year. However, we couldn’t resist putting this Christmas collection together. Enjoy!

1. What animals were there when baby Jesus was born? “There was a donkey, a sheep, and a cow there as well as Mary and Joseph. It sounds quite crowded.” Hannah, age seven—the Daily Mail

2. What gifts did the three wise men bring? “They brought Jesus presents of gold, frankincense, smurr, and silver. But I think he would have preferred wrestling toys.” Jay, age five

—the Daily Mail

3. At a nativity play our young granddaughter Charlotte watched the three kings deliver gold, frankincense and myrrh and asked: "Is the Franky Scents like aftershave?" – The Independent

4. We took our grandchildren with some of their pals to a carol service. One of them asked: "Where's Carol?" – Reader’s Digest

5. Last Christmas my son said thoughtfully: "I hate to think what Father Christmas spends on Sellotape." – Reader’s Digest

6. My daughter was playing Mary and forgot her lines so she ad-libbed, telling Joseph: 'I'm having a baby - oh, and it's not yours...' – The Independent

7. I was at my friend's house when her six-year-old son poked his head round the door and said: "Mum, you know I wanted a bike for Christmas? Well I don't need it now. I just found one behind your wardrobe!" – Reader’s Digest

8. My son asked me to make him a costume for the Christmas play, but I was surprised when he said he was a leopard in the play. I assumed it was some kind of Lion King or Jungle Book theme. The next day I checked with his teacher who looked bemused and said it was a traditional nativity play. He was a shepherd. – The Independent 

9. At my grandson's school Nativity play, when the innkeeper opened the curtain to show Mary and Joseph in the stable, a little voice in the audience shouted: "Where's the TV, Mum?" – Reader’s Digest

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